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 It Just Ain't Fair the way You treat Me no U Don't Deserve M + -
 Everytime I try to fly I foll... Without your wings I fell so small + -
 Because the teras are sweet aned the love is bitter + -
 OnE MoRe Try I"cAnT sToP hOw MuCh I LoVe You*** + -
 We don't have to be in love,we can just be friends... + -
  ..:: I need you, like no one else before, You're all that I ad + -
 I want to disremember ..... about all and all + -
 Oh You'll never see my shade or hear the sound of my feet... + -
 Don't worry be happy + -
 i don't very small duck!!to mój ptak!!!! + -
 Dreams are hard to follow.But don't let anyone tear them away...! + -
 Catch me as i fall ,say you're here and it's all over now.. + -
 Everyone is a moon and has a dark side which he doesn' t show to + -
 I don't know was it God, but is to hard to belive :( + -
  ...:::EVeRyThiNg I Do I Do It FoR YoU:::... + -
 I Don't Like Drugs, But The Drugs Like Me + -
 Alone in his own zone, cold and he don't care + -
 ain't got no money,can't get no pussy + -
 Please forgive me... I can't stop loving you... + -
 wherever you go whatever you do I will be right here waiting for you.. + -
 One Tequila Two Tequila Three Tequila Floor + -
 "We are the ones, who are living under the guns..." - The Of + -
 You think you won and then it's all gone... + -
 "Love is so blind it feels right when it's wrong + -
 "Don't hate me coz I'm ballin' Lord take me if I& + -
 LooK IF I shoot You I'm Famous if You shoot Me Your BRAINLESS + -
 -for you...-for me??thank you... -fuck you :D:D + -
 I Love You, I Hate YoU + -
 If U Love sth.letITgoIFitCOMESbackTOyouIT'SyoursIFitDOESN'Ti + -
 You fifet bitch!! + -

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